Our unique production methods make our products the best in the world. We have designed, developed and constructed our production technology ourselves, to ensure the integrity and quality of Lappi products.

Top-class ingredients, traditional work performed by hand, and careful quality control, combined with the latest top technology, ensure the production of high-class products of which we can be genuinely proud.

See what our products are being told:
Kala-Lappi a big fish on the gourmet scene (goodnewsfinland) & Serving Fish from Finland (Food from Finland)

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We only use the best, hand-selected Finnish rainbow trout grown in the cleanest waters in the world. Our proud and passionated Lappi preparation methods combine high-quality ingredients and traditional craftsmanship. Careful quality control with state-of-the-art technology is guaranteeing the quality. See what our products are being told elsewhere: Kala-Lappi a big fish on the gourmet scene (goodnewsfinland) & Serving Fish from Finland (Food from Finland)


Vesa Lappi grew up to the enchanting scent of alder smoke. Vesa’s father and grandfather were both enthusiastic fishermen and fish smokers.

Inspired by great childhood memories, an idea started to form... .

Vesa founded Kone-Lappi Oy in 1992, to construct automatic, digger-mounted rock-drilling devices. The product was exported to Europe and Russia. The business was sold in 2007. After that, Vesa concentrated on his passion: fishing. He went trolling for fish for up to 850 hours per year. He spent almost as much time on deep thinking: “I wonder what I’ll do when I grow up?”

At the end of autumn 2013, flakes of ice were already piling up on the shores of Suvasvesi, in Kallavesi, and sleet was coming in horizontally, as the fishing day concluded and day turned to dusk. It was at that point that Vesa realised his calling: his hobby and everything associated with it – passion, know-how and fish-processing skills – could be made into a profession.


That’s how Kala-Lappi Oy and its unique, mouth-watering world of flavours started.

In the processing of the fish, Vesa has further developed the traditional crafts skills of four generations by utilising modern technology. This has resulted in a completely unique cold-smoked Finnish rainbow trout, as well as other unique Kala-Lappi products, with a new world of flavours.

In Kala-Lappi’s activities and products, naturalness, authenticity, passion, integrity and a determination to follow one’s own path are emphasised, not forgetting traditions. The market has welcomed Kala-Lappi products with great enthusiasm, and growth is continuing at dizzying speed.

Would you like to be kept up-to-date with the new and innovative products that Kala-Lappi is bringing to market next? Enjoy our products, follow us on various platforms, and be prepared for tasty, delicious surprises!

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